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Women Voting in Ohio

Election 2008

CNN report on local exit polls in Ohio show gender, race, and age breakdowns.

Election 2004

According to their own reported behavior, women in Ohio are 52% of the voting age citizen population and 53% of the registered voters. Women were also 53% of the citizen population that voted in the last presidential election (2004).The figures below also show that over 300,000 more women in Ohio voted compared to men in 2004.

Gender Gap in Presidential Elections

The Institute for Women's Policy Research analyzed the gender gap in voting in 2004, reporting on Ohio and a number of other key states. They found, in general, that the gender gap in support for the Democratic candidates was less evident in these key states when compared to the 2000 election (50% of women voted for John Kerry in 2004 versus the 53% of women who voted for Al Gore in 2000). The erosion of women's support for the Democratic candidate in Ohio in 2004 and the other states included in the analysis were enough to win the election for Bush. (IWPR Brief)
  • Interesting to note: this result was in spite of an apparent erosion of support among men in Ohio for Bush in 2004. Men supported Bush over Kerry by a margin of 52% to 47% ; in 2000, only 39% of men in Ohio supported the candidacy of Al Gore with their vote (with a small percentage of votes going to Nader).